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Free Dove Photography

 We are natural light, on location photographers that will be opening a studio very soon (The irony I know)!

 Free Dove Photography is just a couple of best friends who share the same passion. We have been best friends since we met in 2006 and launched our photography journey in 2008!

Amanda shoots full time and Brittany shoots part time. You might see us both shooting together at sessions or you may just see one of us!

 We take great honor in producing images that represent our clients and tell their story. My favorite sessions are the care-free, genuine, natural, unposed sessions that really let us ''freeze" time for a brief moment so you can remember it for a lifetime.

We specialize in Children's Fine Art Portraiture and Birth Photography 

We shoot on location, in home and in studio sessions <3 


 I  have an Associate's degree in Business Administration. I took a year of photography classes in college as well as countless workshops and I am constantly learning and mastering different techniques to use in photography.  I used to work for the Walmart Home Office taking pictures of merchandise but have since became a stay at home mom while pursuing my photography business full-time!

I married the love of my life in 2012. We have 3 boys and 1 girl ranging between 3 years to 12 years old. I'm constantly creating art with my children behind the camera and that's when my love for Photography really took off. 

Alongside photography I am extremely passionate about GOD! I love DIY projects, helping people, playing the keyboard/piano, flea marketing and raising my babies. I'm a total over-sharer and love to blog in my down time. I'm also completely random and love making people smile. 

 I'm a sucker for all things peanut butter, 90's music and Amazon Prime! I enjoy taking long walks in Target and sweeping up loose toys before my kids catch me. Other hobbies of mine include cooking food that no one eats and the rare moment I get to watch a show that isn't animated. I also enjoy long walks to the bathroom by myself and an excessive amount of coffee, I really love coffee. 



Photography has always been my passion since I was very little, I have shoe boxes of pictures that I have taken and I’ve always loved being behind the camera. I have been with Walmart for over 10 years this past August and I currently work for Walmart Home Office as a Badge Technician where I take badge photos for all Associates and Vendors across the World. Since I am only able to do Photography part time this at least keeps me behind the Camera. I'm continually learning and applying new techniques to use in Photography.

I have 2 beautiful boys and have been divorced for almost 2 years. My oldest son, Christopher just recently turned 7 and he is my special little one. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy right after birth but that hasn’t stopped him. My youngest son, Cameron is a spitfire 5 year old and gives me a run for my money, but without his constant trivia and craziness I would be lost without him.

Besides Photography my love for my family is beyond measure. I actually just recently bought a home down the street from my parents and I LOVE IT ☺.  I love DIY projects, Volunteering, the Hogs, Learning about fitness, and I'm a total home body. I love to talk (maybe too much) and I laugh when people get hurt (I call this my defect). I love putting smiles on people faces and overall I just love to smile, its like a drug to me. 

I hate Chocolate and Peanut butter but love Reese’s Pieces and Brownies without nuts ☺ totally weird I know. I am a huge movie buff preferably Adam Sandler; I am a sucker for that face. Other hobbies of mine include hosting family dinners, drawing people, bowling and shopping with my best friend at the sales rack (which having a total of 6 kids between us makes it really laborious these days) but that hasn't stopped us! 


We shoot a wide variety of different sessions including, but not limited to: 

 Fine Art Composites

Fresh 48 / birth stories

Seniors / Graduation Portraits











Stylized Individual Sessions


We wouldn't be where we are today without each and every one of our amazing clients! We look forward to serving you and giving you portraits you will treasure for years to come! 


Amanda & Brittany

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